Welcome to a parallel world

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    Where pioneers are on the lookout for what’s next. At Hybride, we have almost 30 years of experience delivering state-of-the art visual effects for the film and television industry. We know what it means to deliver—on time, on budget and with a wow factor.

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    Where pioneers are on the lookout for what’s next. At Hybride, we have almost 30 years of experience delivering state-of-the art visual effects for the film and television industry. We know what it means to deliver—on time, on budget and with a wow factor.

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    Where team members are united by a single goal. We understand that, with every project, something critical is at stake: a creative vision. We leverage our technical expertise to bring it to life, and we do it as a partner, developing new software, implementing new methodology, and breaking new ground with each production we work on.

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    Where big productions come into minute focus. An image is only spectacular when every tiny detail comes to life. We focus on those details.

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    Where the end result is a new vision. We use special effects to make a film more magical when magic is called for, more ahead-of-its-time when the future beckons, and more real when reality is either off limits or over budget.

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    Where being true to our name means being two things at once: Hybride is the fusion of reliability and creativity, solid management and innovative thinking, technology and art. It’s a place where being at the crossroads is an asset, and where creating new worlds is part—if not all—of the job description.

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    Where anything can happen. Here, the red carpet doesn’t get rolled out for the status quo. This is a studio where talented artisans imagine what’s next, make it real, and then make sure it looks nothing short of amazing on screen.

  • A star is born

    Born from the dream of its founding partners— Pierre Raymond, Michel Murdock, Daniel Leduc and Sylvie Talbot— Quebec’s first digital visual effects studio, just north of Montreal, sees the light of day in 1991. 

    The first steps

    From 1991 to 1995, Hybride makes a name for itself by creating visual effects for documentaries, TV series and station identification spots, as well as by collaborating on numerous TV advertising campaigns.

  • Hooray for digital

    In 1992, Hybride completes its first digital ad for Coca-Cola. Since then, more than a thousand commercials have been added to its list of digital productions.

  • Welcome to the big screen

    In 1995, Hybride takes the plunge into moviemaking with the acquisition of Canada’s first independent resolution compositing system. This new technology allows it to produce visual effects for moviemakers in Quebec, Hollywood and Europe.

  • New frontier

    In 1997, Mimic marks a turning point in Hybride’s history. The movie, by reputed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, gives Hybride a leading role in the world of digital visual effects on the international market.

  • Sign of confidence

    The Faculty, produced in 1998, marks the beginning of a series of rewarding collaborations between Hybride and Robert Rodriguez. To date, Hybride has created digital visual effects for more than 11 films by the worldrenowned director.

  • Bigger still

    In 2000, Hybride expands its studios in the Laurentians (north of Montreal) to accommodate its growing teams and workload. In 2002, a wing that now houses its 3-D service was added for a grand total of more than 1,500 m² (17,000 square feet).

  • Four is better than one

    In 2001, Spy Kids becomes the first in a series of four films by Robert Rodriguez for which Hybride creates special effects.

  • Canada-Europe

    In 2002, Yves Simoneau launches Napoleon, a four-part Canada-Europe coproduction. Hybride creates the visual effects for the miniseries, which is produced in French and English and distributed in North America and Europe. 

  • Getting closer

    In 2003, Hybride affirms its commitment to fostering open communications with its clients by conceiving and developing HYSYNC, a teleconferencing program that provides a direct link for its clients, in real-time, anywhere in the world.


    In 2003, Spy Kids 3D: Game Over by director Robert Rodriguez becomes Hybride’s first stereoscopic project.

  • Talk the talk

    In 2005, Hybride adds a new level of expertise by developing innovative tools and software processes for Racing Stripes. The end result features realistic human-like talking characteristics for animals.

    An effect, a style

    By creating the visual effects for Sin City in 2005, Hybride’s artists redefine the aesthetic criteria of VFX and, as a result, raise the bar to a level never before seen on the big screen.

  • Raising the bar again

    The movie 300 becomes a turning point in the world of postproduction and is used to introduce HD Blu-Ray technology in 2007.

  • In the sights of Ubisoft

    In 2008, Ubisoft joins Hybride’s experience to improve the quality of its products. The sharing of technological and creative expertise between Ubisoft and Hybride positions both companies ahead of the pack in a constantly evolving entertainment industry.

  • Record year

    In 2009, Hybride worked on eight film productions, resulting in a record year for producing visual effects.


    The first true creative convergence between the world of games and movies results in the first official collaboration between Ubisoft and Hybride. The Assassin’s Creed Lineage series—created by Yves Simoneau and directed by Pierre Raymond—becomes a tremendous online success following its release in 2009.

    Outside the box

    In 2009, Hybride contributes to the biggest box office success in history as one of the teams to have contributed to the digital visual effects for the 3-D mega production Avatar by (Canadian-born) American director James Cameron.

  • Well into the thousands

    In 2011, Hybride produces a record 1,100 visual effects for Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D, by Robert Rodriguez. This latest installment in the Spy Kids franchise represents the largest number of visual effects ever produced for a single project.

  • Hybride is odds-on favourite

    Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games for which Hybride produced 367 VFX shots ranked among the biggest box-office successes in history. The film shot down all-time records by taking $155 million in its opening, the highest ever opening for a non-sequel movie and setting a new record for a film opening outside the summer blockbuster season.


    2015 is a fantastic year for the Hybride team who produced VFX work for 2 out of the 10 top-grossing films of the year: Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force Awakens! 


    In April 2016, Hybride announces the signing of a strategic alliance with special effects giant, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).



    On July 4th, 2016, Hybride celebrated its 25th year of contribution to the film, television and advertising industries. 

  • Hybride opens a new studio in Montreal

    June 2019 – Hybride inaugurates its new studios on rue De Gaspé in Montreal to welcome an ever-growing team.