24 August 2021
August 24 2021

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Mathieu Boucher - Operations VP


Results of the elections to the BCTQ board of directors for the 2021-2023 term. "Visual effects suppliers" and "Studios, producers and suppliers of animation" seats: 

At the QFTC’s members’ 2021 Annual General Meeting that was held on June 17, a resolution was adopted to divide the “Visual Effects Suppliers” seat of the corporation's board of separate seats: "Visual effects suppliers" for companies working mainly in visual effects, and "Studios, producers and animation suppliers" for companies who work mainly in animation. 

Another resolution adopted the same day gave the BCTQ the responsibility of organizing new elections as soon as possible in order to allow members from these two sectors of activity to elect their respective representative to sit on the Board of Directors of the organization.

The directors who have been elected by majority for a two-year term are:

François Sansregret, Managing Director, Tonic DNA for the “Studios, producers and suppliers of animation” seat and:

MATHIEU BOUCHER Hybride’s Operations VP for "Visual effects suppliers" seat CONGRATULATIONS!