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pierre raymond
president and head of operations
michel murdock
executive vice president
sylvie talbot
director of communications
thierry delattre
executive producer
francois lambert
visual effects supervisor
mathieu boucher
cg supervisor
philippe theroux
cg supervisor
emmanuel pelletier
cg supervisor
anne tremblay
yanick williski

Wednesday, June 5th - 10.45 - 11.45 > Room A

Premium session VFX

Join the visual effects team as they take you behind the scenes on one of 2018's biggest films. The team will showcase the innovative shooting techniques developed for the film and the unique collaboration with Director Ron Howard that allowed this chapter in the Star Wars universe to be brought to the screen. The team will also pull back the curtain on how they took old school methodologies and combined them with cutting edge technologies to create the film's groundbreaking visual effects work

Joseph Kasparian
Vfx Supervisor
Hybride Technologies

Joseph Kasparian started working at Hybride in 1997 shortly after his training at the NAD Centre, and started out as 3D generalist on the film Peacekeeper. Over the next few years, he worked on productions such as The Faculty, Battlefield Earth and Art of War; and also collaborated on TV channel designs.

In 2000, Joseph decided to specialize in textures and lighting and has moved on to be Lead Textures & Lighting on blockbusters such as Sin City, 300, Predators and The Hunger Games. Since 2013, he has contributed to Hybride’s notoriety by acting as VFX Supervisor on superproductions such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rogue One, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and, more recently, Solo: A Star Wars Story and The House with a Clock in Its Walls.

Patrick Tubach
VFX Supervisor
Industrial Light & Magic

Patrick Tubach joined Industrial Light & Magic in 1999 as a compositor. During his time at the company, he has taken on roles of increasing scope and responsibility and now serves as Visual Effects Supervisor. Patrick is responsible for working with other key creatives throughout the visual effects process, from bidding to final delivery of work on a film. He also works closely with the production team to help plan the on-set execution of the Visual Effects work for a project, and has often had the opportunity to supervise shoots on location. During these years, he workes on movies such as solo a Star Wars Story, Star Wars The Force Awaken, Marvel’s The Avenger, Wall-E, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, etc.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5TH - 13.30 - 14.30 > ROOM 2

Streaming services: executing with a new collaborative approach to create VFX content.
Business and Production Premium session

The last five to 10 years have seen considerable change in the visual effects industry. Ever increasing demands for high quality visuals: VFX and animated movies, in addition to high quality visual video games topping box offices and sales charts worldwide.The current golden age of television with the likes of HBO. However, probably the single largest impact on the market is in the rise of streaming media. An explosion of new platforms from Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix and now Disney & Apple’s new platforms. The need for content has exploded and, with it, the need for visual effects of all kinds. Furthermore, these platforms are all demanding feature-film quality and an increasingly sophisticated viewer expects it.

Mathieu Boucher
CG Supervisor
Hybride Technologies

Hybride CG Supervisor Mathieu Boucher will be joining the panel to discuss and explore the impact of on-demand entertainment on the VFX industry, both creatively and as a business model.