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Predators in Popular Mechanics' Top 10 VFX Scenes of 2010!

Renowned Popular Mechanics Magazine has named one of Hybride's shots in Predators as one of the Top 10 VFX Scenes of 2010.

The shot presents the point of view of an unmanned aerial vehicle—a headless falcon powered by a tiny jet engine—flying over a jungle. In the same shot, audiences come face-to-face with a trio of new Predators who are invisible at first, but appear gradually as their cloaking fields shut down.

The scene shows a CG environment created by Hybride’s team of VFX experts, which has developed propriety software using Autodesk’s® XSI ICE. Known as Ecosystem, the software enables them to generate heterogeneous elements such as an entire rainforest like the one seen in the film.

Custom-designed as an internal R & D project, Ecosystem turned out to be quite indispensable for several of Hybride’s VFX shots created for Predators. Once again, the expertise and knowhow of Hybride artists are behind an international commercial success!

A clip of Hybride’s effects for the film is available on the Predators page.